Authenticity Guaranteed!

Here at AUTHENTIC MEMORABILIA, we are different to most other memorabilia stores because we go beyond the extra mile to ensure that every piece we offer is 100% authentic and real. This require painstaking, in-depth research time and thorough investigative work.

Verifying the authenticity of every piece is no easy task, but it’s well worth the effort.

We also provide our own certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee with every item we sell. Most items already have a secondary authentication from one of the World leading authentication companies, or they come from trusted suppliers who are known to us and vetted before ever doing business with them. Our certificates also come with their own built in security so we can rest assured that these cannot be duplicated either to give you full piece of mind that what you are getting is 100% genuine and authentic.

Since there is no factory making these unique and authentic artefacts, it’s no exaggeration to say that every product we offer is a one-of-a-kind and totally unique. Whether it’s sports memorabilia, a movie or tv stars autograph or rock music memorabilia – if it’s in our collection, it’s authentic!

We use the finest framers in the business with our personal framer being a member of the ‘Fine Art Trade Guild’ which means that your items are framed to the absolute highest standard! When we frame items, we don’t use glue or staples on your item that cause damage, we frame everything so that if you ever want to change the appearance, it comes apart and the item is in the exact same condition as when it went into the frame so it’s ready for reframing without any damage!

Our custom framing options give you the chance to chose your colour scheme, how many layers of boards (one, two or three), the full layout of the piece including any other images you’d like including, and finally the style and colour of the frame. This means that if you have a specific place you’d like your piece of memorabilia to go, we can match the décor so that it fits in perfectly.

From beginning to end, we offer you an exclusive experience with custom framing options so that your collection bears the mark of distinction.